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Stacey is the proud owner of two harps.

Her first “love” is a beautiful model 30 concert grand by Lyon and Healy that she bought in Chicago in the summer of 1999. With his sleek ebony finish and angular form, he is of the “tall, dark, and handsome” type that Stacey finds most attractive. Well aware of his startling good looks, he is also of a somewhat haughty character and likes to dominate the room with his exceptional presence and rich full voice. Model 30’s career has taken him many places and he has many a harrowing tale to tell of near death experiences in Montreal taxi cabs, of close encounters on narrow staircases, and of times when wine glasses fell just a little too close for comfort. But he always maintains his appearance of absolute composure (even when his partner does not!). On the glass floor of a ballroom or the grass carpet beside a lake, model 30 is equally at ease – a paragon of poise in every social setting

Stacey’s other instrument is a bit of an experimental creation. Designed and built especially for Stacey by Alain Beaudoin, this small harp is a hybrid between harp types. In terms of body structure and string tension she is modelled after the Paraguayan harp. A very thin soundboard is all that is needed to withstand the extremely light string tension on this instrument, allowing for a light structure overall. This makes the Paraguayan-type instrument ideal for the “station-wagon-less” travelling bard. Where Stacey’s instrument differs from its Paraguayan model is in string spacing. The tight spacing on the Paraguayan harp calls for a special technique, which most often involves the nail. Stacey’s harp has a string spacing more standard to modern concert harps and most other varieties of folk harps, allowing her to maintain her regular technique when playing. “Small harp” is a sweet soft-spoken individual, the clear delicate timbre of her voice more akin to the renaissance lute than to the modern concert harp.
Stacey Loewen stacey@harponthehill.com
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 735-3970